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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Voter Registration Drive

Election Commission is conducting a Voter Registration Drive from 1st Oct 2012 to 1st Nov 2012 (including weekends).

Please Note : Deadline for Voter Registration has been extended till 20th Nov 2012

Voting is The most Important Foundation of Democracy.
If you are not yet a registered voter in Pune or want to shift your registration from somewhere else to Pune, here is the opportunity.

Online Voter Registration :
Visit : for Registering Online.
After filling in details, print out of the form should be taken.
ERO will call you on a specific day/time for hearing.

Drop Box Facility :

You can also drop the completely Filled Form at Drop Box provided at various centres in Pune.
Click Here to see the list of Drop Box locations.

Voter Registration Volunteer Kit :
We have a  kit which contains all the necessary files and information that you will need.
Visit to download the kit.

What all you need to do ?

1. Download Form6 from link given below and print page 1-3 (for Marathi) or 6-8 (for English).

2. Fill it up and attach copy of ID Proof and Local Residence proof document
  • ID Proof  : Any of following which has Date of Birth also
    • Passport/Driving License/Pan-card/Birth-certificate
  • Residence Proof  : Any of following for the address in your name or your immediate relation
    • Bank/Kisan/PostOffice Pass book or
    • Ration Card/Passport/IT-Tax Assessment Order or
    • Latest Water/Telephone/Electricity/Gas Connection Bill or
    • Postal Department's posts received on your name at given address
    • If none of above available, attach Bona-fide residence certificate from your employer
3. Submit the form to BLO (Booth Level Officer) at the nearest booth station in your area (starting 1st Oct).
List of booth stations in your area can be found at : Click on “Election”,  Click on “ BLO List ”.
Or you can submit the form to your society Chairman/secretary who are authorized by EC to submit forms in bulk to BLO. Please ask your chairman to collect forms for entire society.

4. Don't forget to collect receipt of form submission (end section of form-6 signed by BLO).
    It will be useful to follow up through RTI in case your name does not appear in new electoral roll.

5. Please send an email to with subject line "Form6 submitted".
    It will help us to quantify how many new voters registered due to this message.

For any queries, feel free to send email to
or Call 937 286 00 28.

Type of Forms :

Click on the Form number to Download.

For inclusion of name in electoral roll
                                           Form 6
For objecting inclusion or seeking deletion of name in electoral roll     Form 7
For correction to particular entered in electoral roll                         Form 8

For transposition of entry in electoral roll                                      Form 8A

Click Here to Download Pamplet for Publicity


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